Announcement: Our First Gas Card Giveaway Winner!

Hey ladies!

Saturday I announced our gas card giveaway winner for April on social media. Congrats to Genieva W. who subscribed to Single Mom Spot this month. 

We are so excited that she is here and will be sending her card this week!

Missed the Memo?

For those of you reading that are not aware, each month we have a $100 Gas Card Giveaway drawing for new subscribers. If you enter your email on the form or by clicking ‘subscribe’ in the upper right corner of this website you will automatically be entered to win the current months drawing. As an added bonus, to encourage you to stay subscribed and grow with us, a subscriber is considered ‘NEW’ until December 31st of each year. This means that you have a chance to win each month until the close of your first year as a Single Mom Spot member.

Single Mom Spot is a growing online community for single moms. Getting connected to our single mom collective is easy and FREE. Just subscribe and you are invited to access the Single Mom Spot forum, lovingly called ‘The Clique,” where single moms from all over the country gather to discuss issues and get advice from other single moms in a manner that is more private than social media.

Additional Giveaways to Check Out

Single Mom Spot brings curated resources for single moms. What does this mean exactly? It means a single mom either develops or reviews EVERY SINGLE ARTICLE on this site. This is what truly sets us apart. There are so few places where single moms can find relevant and sensitive content. We want to do the research for you so that when you join Single Mom Spot, you SAVE TIME. In addition to our curated resources for single moms, we believe in actively finding ways to financially support our mamas. We are starting small but hope that with the help of sponsors, we will one day be able to bring additional resources to the women that need it most.  In this link, learn more about our other FREE GIVEAWAYS and FINANCIAL SUPPORT for single moms.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend with your kiddos!




My name is Jenna and I am the founder of Single Mom Spot. I've been a single mom for almost 10 years now. I'm a Christian and mama to two kids that I love like crazy. I started this site because I know how difficult single motherhood can be...and also, how beautiful. I believe that single motherhood helped make me into the best version of myself as a woman and mom. My hope, is that through a connection point like Single Mom Spot, women can share their experiences and grow together. What an amazing thing if every single mom could live her best life as a woman and mother right now, in the middle of her most challenging life circumstance. How bold. How beautiful. How unforgettable. Thank you for reading and supporting Single Mom Spot.