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Every single mama that joins our site gets her own free WELCOME GIFT. Our welcome gift is a mini book called ‘Your Best Life Now.’  Get inspired, encouraged and equipped. Find the support you need for your single mom journey right here.



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Each month we select a subscriber to win a $100 gas card. Every month you have a chance to win and a reason to stay subscribed.

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Single Mom Heart Giveaway

Single Mom Heart Giveway  is a once a year gift given to one of our single mom applicants. Not all single moms are in need of financial assistance but MANY are. We ask that single moms that truly feel they need assistance apply for this grant.

  • $600 giveaway (twice annually, 2 winners each year)
  • Automatic entry for subscribers
  • First recipient announced on Thanksgiving 2022, Second recipient to be announced May 30 2023
  • Grant payment issued through Zelle or By Check only.

How to Apply for the Single Mom Spot™ Single Mom Heart Giveaway

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