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Single Mom Spot™ exists to inspire, encourage, and equip single moms as women and mothers. Our site is specifically dedicated to the single mama that is making it happen for herself and her kids, every hour of every day. Women can live confident, beautiful and whole lives as single mothers; we know this and are here to support your journey.

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Single Mom Spot™ creates a destination for single moms like you to Get Inspired, Get Encouraged and Get Equipped as you begin to live your best life, right now.

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Jenna Paulson-Single Mom Spot™ Founder
JennaMomSite 170

Jenna Paulson-Single Mom Spot™ Founder

Hey Lady! I’m Jenna, your hostess and the founder of Single Mom Spot™. I’m a single mom AND business owner that is passionate about following your dreams. I’m creative, I love to write and I love art, so I really enjoy building new brands and bringing beauty through words and imagery to places where people don’t expect to find them.

I started my entrepreneurial journey at 22 and haven’t looked back since! It’s been a wild ride: 15 years later the business that felt like a dream once is MY REALITY. The original company that I founded is thriving in a male dominated industry where I have become an expert in helping my clients land contracts—over $1.3 billion dollars in estimated revenue and counting. TO CLARIFY: I DID NOT MAKE A BILLION DOLLARS MYSELF. That would have been fun, LOL, but I am able to provide for myself and my children abundantly and now have time to dedicate to new passion projects that are close to the heart and home—like Single Mom Spot™.

My purpose with Single Mom Spot is to create an authentic place where single mamas can come together for inspiration, advice, information AND community. Single Mom Spot is for the whole woman. Single Mom Spot is an online community for offline change. As a single mom, I had searched high and low for the right place for me and my story; if I had not met my single mom friends I would have never found it. The beauty, life and inspiration that I found in my single mom friendships has changed the future for me and my kids. I want you to have access the hope and help that comes from being a part of something bigger than yourself because you are not alone in your single mom journey. I also want other moms to engage, to dream and to begin thinking about how you can live your best life now.

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