Prayer Requests

Single Mom Spot is taking prayer requests to provide help for single moms in need of hope. We pray weekly for our single mom community.

Why Prayer

Prayer is powerful. The bible says that that the power of life and death is in the words we speak. We believe in speaking your prayers aloud and/or writing them down. Choose life, choose hope, choose healing by placing your needs and your circumstances before the only One that can provide lasting hope and healing.

Single Mom Spot is an online community for offline change. We want to bring hope and help to single mothers all over the world. Are you struggling with something? Do you want to shout a great big ‘THANK YOU’ for blessing?

You’ve found the right place.

Send us a prayer request below and we will pray aloud for it this week. We believe that you and your children are highly valued and deeply loved by the God who made them. Even if you don’t believe this but want or need prayer, your request belongs here.

If you know a single mom that needs help and could use prayer, please send her to Single Mom Spot, we would love to be a resource for her at this time.