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Hey Love, Welcome to Single Mom Spot!

I’m Jenna, your hostess and the founder of Single Mom Spot™. I’m thrilled that you found us and am really excited to welcome you to our community and resources.

I wanted to provide you with a little backstory on who I am, what I value and why I founded this site.

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When God Has Other Plans

This happens a lot, doesn’t it?

I became a single mom almost 10 years ago now when I found out that I was expecting my first child. I was single, pregnant and completely terrified and overwhelmed.

I expected that motherhood would change me but it wasn’t until my daughter was born and I first laid eyes on her that I realized just how much.

As soon as I met my baby, I knew I was meant to be her mom. I was somehow on track even though at the beginning, I’d felt wildly off.

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Life After Unplanned Pregnancy

Yes, life does go on! Today, I’m a mom to two babies (yes, I had one more!).

Through God’s grace I have been able to provide for them, put roots down into a sleepy town that we just love and joined a local church where my kids are loved and accepted.

These are all things that I thought would be out of reach for me and my children when I first realized I was going to be a single mom.

Becoming a single mom changed my life. I’ve formed many relationships with single mothers and heard beautiful, painful and shocking stories that I likely would not have understood or believed if I wasn’t a single mom myself.

SMS From the Hostess
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Single Mom Spot™ is Born

Real women. Real single mamas. Real Connection.

Along my journey I’ve longed—and searched—for a place to connect where I felt truly heard and understood.

Single motherhood has brought so many women into my life and the friendships and connection to these women.

These connections helped me find my footing and my place as I continue to journey through single motherhood.

If you are missing the hope that authentic connection offers, Single Mom Spot™ is especially for you.

Single Mom Spot was created to be a connection point for women to share their experience as they journey through single motherhood.

I hope that you find beauty, life and courage among this growing single mom collective. Bring your voice, your words of advice and your questions here.

We hope that through community single moms like you can change the ‘single mom’ narrative…not just for you, but also for your kids!

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Inspire, Encourage & Equip

Live your best life as a woman AND a mother RIGHT NOW.

Single Mom Spot™ creates and discovers resources to help single moms.

We add to our resources daily and share them with you for FREE.

From Legal and Financial Resources to emotional support, parenting, faith, dating and other lifestyle, SMS Life Magazine offers a lot to learn from and enjoy.

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Curated Resources for Single Moms

Curated content, exclusively for single moms.

Our articles, resources and information are written or reviewed by single moms before we bring it to you.

This means that we only post information that we believe is sensitive and relevant to your life as a single mom.

If you have questions or are in need of a resource, write us and let us know.

We want to create content that helps single moms live abundantly by introducing resources that we believe bring inspiration, truth and life.


With Much Love & Thankfulness, Your Hostess

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