Entrepreneurship FAQ-How do you become an entrepreneur?

If you’ve ever wondered what all the ‘hype’ is around becoming an entrepreneur and/or starting your own business, this is a great place for you to start learning! On this page I have pulled together this Entrepreneurship FAQ to help women find the answer to the extremely popular question: How do you become an entrepreneur?

For Women Who Want Ideas to Create Financial Stability

If you are considering starting a business or want to learn how to create more financial stability for your family, keep reading and get your questions answered. If you don’t see an answer to your question here, post a comment or send us an email. New questions and responses are added to this list regularly.

Can You Find Financial Freedom through Entrepreneurship?

YES, you can create financial freedom through entrepreneurship. Many working women start their first business to increase their income stream, as their business grows they sometimes decide to quit their current job and go ‘all in’ on their business.

Women—especially single moms—are more and more interested in how they can become financially independent through entrepreneurship.

As a woman business owner and single mom, I’m really excited to share my knowledge with you as you consider what options are best to improve you and your family’s quality of life.

I hope FAQ these answers bring you clarity as you determine whether or not now is the time to invest in yourself and follow your dream of success to the finish line.

Am I an entrepreneur?

Only you can answer this question. But here is a little food for thought.

This is my personal definition of what it means to be an ‘entrepreneur.’ It closely matches the true definition of the word but is less technical.

  • An entrepreneur is a person that decides they want to turn their passions into income by starting their own business.
  • Entrepreneurs typically enjoy seeing their ideas come to life and are willing to take a risk and embark on a ‘business adventure to make this possible.

What are the benefits of entrepreneurship/starting your first business?

  • In most cases you get to work from home
  • More control over your schedule = greater freedom and flexibility
  • Earn more money doing what you love
  • More time for your kiddos
  • An opportunity to invest in yourself and follow your dream
  • Financial independence = if your business succeeds you no longer need your employer to give you a paycheck

Do I have to quit my job to become an entrepreneur?


You can quit your job if you are willing to take on the risk of giving up your paycheck but for single mamas that are the primary provider for their children this is a decision that involves a lot of risk.

When first starting your business pace yourself. If you are truly passionate about achieving freedom and financial independence as an entrepreneur, start slow and grow with your new business.

If you are keeping your job while starting your new business, you will have to accept that this decision will require extra effort and more hours on your part…at least for now.

For now, while you are getting your new business off the ground, you have a lot to look forward. The hope is that in the coming months your new business will start to increase your income. As your income increases, the goal is that the income provided by your new business will eventually be much greater than your current salary. When you get to the point where your new business can sustain your financial needs (and you feel stable), you can then definitely consider quitting your job and making your business your full-time career.

 Can a Single Mom Succeed As an Entrepreneur?

Yes, ABSOLUTELY. I started my first business when I was 22, before I became a single mom. Thanks to that business I am able to provide for my kids, live in a beautiful community that I selected AND go to sleep at night without worrying about tomorrow’s bills. Many of my single mom friends who started businesses and pursued financial freedom through entrepreneurship also experience similar success. From interior design businesses to writing and online sales, single moms are making it in business.

The world might wonder how a woman with so many responsibilities can make it in business but I don’t. Great responsibility is a great motivator. The single moms I know bear tremendous responsibility and so they have developed the grit, strength and heart it takes to keep moving forward to provide for their children and live the life they dream of.

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How Much Does it Cost to Start a Business?

The kind of business you dream of starting will determine the amount of money you need to get started. You can start a business consulting (sharing your expertise), writing, or using a skill you have like graphic design for next to nothing. Essentially you would need a computer a business card and your own talent to start a consulting, writing or graphic design business. If you intend to start a restaurant or open a boutique, the cost or initial investment in your business would be much higher.

Additional Resources on this Site to Help You Create Financial Stability for Your Family

Single Mom Spot creates a great deal of content around the area of financial stability because this area is a top concern for many of our readers. When single moms are financially independent they are free to make the very best decisions for themselves and their kids. Rather than being stuck in survival mode, they are empowered to move forward in their journey as women and mothers who are thriving in spite of circumstance.

Financial stability doesn’t solve all problems (I hope we all know that by now!) but creating stability can help reduce stress and improve your daily life with your kids. When a woman is confident that she can provide for her kids and has enough to put food on the table and plan for the future it changes everything.

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