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The Perfect Place for Busy Women with Big Dreams

If you are a mom that dreams of being more available for your children & creating financial freedom, the Million Dollar Mama Club™ is the PERFECT PLACE FOR YOU!

Get equipped to start your dream business in just 3 days.

We provide the instructions, you set the pace.

Million Dollar Mama Club™ is for women who:
  1. Want to turn their ideas into income

  2. Want more financial freedom

  3. Want more flexibility (aka time for family and friends)

  4. Have NO PRIOR business experience

Do You?

  • Dream of starting a business

  • Dream of writing a book

  • Dream of turning your ideas or hobby into income

  • LOVE social media (use it!)

  • HATE social media (ditch it!)

  • Feel turned off by coaching, online classes, digital courses

  • Want to learn from a beautiful book that you can hold

Creative, Feminine and Practical...
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Exclusive, Beginner Level
Tools for Busy Mamas

Start Your Dream Business in 3 Days!

This is not wishful dreaming. Launching your business adventure is you sitting down to do the challenging work of taking the next step.

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An Exclusive Three-Day Plan
Day One:

Begin reading and completing The Playbook: Beginner's Guide to Starting Your Dream Biz.

Day Two:

Finish reading The Playbook, Follow the Member Roadmap

Day Three:

Download Your Digital Business Basics Toolkit (the first steps to ensuring your business is up and running in 3 days).

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The Playbook is for Beginners

  • Get Inspired

  • Define Your Dream

  • Conquer Your Fears

  • Name Your Vision

  • Work Toward Your Success


Your Dreams CAN’T Wait.

Practical & Designed for Busy Women

  1. Resources teach women to invest their time and money into pursuing their own dreams of success…not somebody else’s.

  2. The Playbook is a REAL BOOK created by a woman entrepreneur (and mom) who gets how busy you are.

  3. Save time and money. No recurring fees. Launch your business in 3 days and build confidence in your own entrepreneurial skills.

  4. Create Personal & Financial Freedom through entrepreneurship.

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Created By A Woman Business Owner & Mom of Two

Especially for women, Million Dollar Mama Club™ is fresh, feminine and practical.

If you thought this page was easy to read and understand, you will LOVE the Dream Biz Beginner program designed to SAVE TIME and help you take your FIRST STEP into business.

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Single Mama

Single motherhood has not been an easy road. I’ve been terrified. I’ve been stressed. I’ve been exhausted. BUT... it has also been a journey filled with more joy and love and hope than I ever imagined.

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Yes, that’s my office and this is me! I started my business adventure 15 years ago and never looked back. Financial Freedom + More Time With My Kiddos =Yes please!

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A girlfriend once described me as her ‘dreaming friend.’ These words were music to my heart because as far back as I can remember I’ve been writing and creating and reaching towards dreams, big and small.

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Million Dollar Mama Club™ Founder

I want to see other mamas follow their dreams AND succeed. I know you want to be with your kids and provide for them abundantly.

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Start Your Dream Business in 3 Days

Exclusive Resources, Made for Busy Women

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