your journey starts here

Do you dream of starting a business but feel stuck? Have you always wanted financial and personal freedom but feel overwhelmed? Starting a business requires a lot of decision making.

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step one:

Define your dream business.

What is it and why do you want to start it? Discovering the answer to this question will motivate you to move forward.


step two:

Start your dream business.

Take action. The first step is just the beginning. There are many more steps to come and decisions to make. Stay energized and positive about your dream business.


step three:

Decide how much time to invest
in building your business.

At the beginning, you set the pace. Committing 2 hours a week to building your dream business is a great place to start.


step four:

Be consistent as you work toward
your dream.

There are thousands of ‘baby’ steps to build a business. Baby steps lead to bigger steps and key decisions that will grow your business.


step five:

Learn, Earn & Grow.

Create a stable income that complements or exceeds your current salary. As you begin to make money, you will likely be more interested in investing time in your new business and learning ways to grow.

Mama, You Got This

You are equipped to make the right decisions and succeed in business and life! And, the Million Dollar Mama Club™ is here to help with a beginner level plan to start your dream business in just 3 days.

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“The dream business that I started 15 years ago is the reason I have more financial freedom and flexibility than I ever imagined. As a single mom, this is priceless.”