Advertising & Partnership

Single Mom Spot is a new online connection point for single moms. Our mission is clear and bold: to inspire, encourage and equip single moms to live their best lives as women and mothers, right now.

We are actively growing our audience and investing in the Single Mom Spotcommunity with curated content (editorial + SEO) and advertising. In the first year we gained more than 80,000 registered users.

We are an EXCELLENT partner and when you choose to advertise with Single Mom Spot™, you are choosing to support and uplift the women, children and family units that need it most.

Single Mom Spotis a woman-owned business founded by entrepreneur and single mom, Jenna Paulson. Our partnership opportunities are available to ensure that we can continue to bring the best resources to our single mom audience and make impactful, real-time change.

About Our Partnership Opportunities

  • Can be customized to your company’s needs
  • Are great for brands, products, authors
  • Grow awareness for your blog or new business
  • Ideal to build awareness and drive sales through a trusted resource
  • General opportunities are available here
  • Teaching/workshops/speaking
  • Advertising-In Full Bloom is the first digital mag for single moms
  • Alignment with future Podcase episodes

About Our Audience

  • Predominantly female audience
  • Between the ages of 20-50
  • Mothers
  • Infants to college age children in the household
  • Single
  • Divorced
  • Never married
  • Contemplating divorce

If this sounds like a fit, you can contact us directly at or using our Get In Touch form. Thank you!