10 Powerful Daily Affirmations for Single Moms

Being a mama is hard, and as a single mom, sometimes it can feel downright impossible to start the day knowing how much hard work lies ahead. While looking in the mirror and reciting daily affirmations for single moms might not solve the practical problems you face each morning, you’d be amazed by just how powerful it can be to manifest positivity. 

There are many ways to add more positivity to your life – mindfulness meditation, prayer, and laughter all have their place in creating an optimistic outlook and creating the positive energy boost you need. But adding special daily affirmations for single moms to your morning routine can strengthen and motivate you as you get ready to conquer the day. 

What is a Daily Affirmation?

An affirmation is any positive thought that you express aloud to help you shape your self-image. By repeating these positive thoughts each day, you can increase the efficacy of your daily positivity practice. 

These recitations promote confidence and augment self-esteem. Expressing positive thoughts helps cement your self-image by taking advantage of your brain’s neuroplasticity, or your brain’s ability to shape itself. While the power of positivity can seem trite when touted by self-help gurus, research has shown that self-affirmation techniques can have lasting positive effects on education, health, and relationships. 

These positive mantras are meant to replace or overpower the negative thoughts that often creep into our internal monologue. For example, if you have a habit of criticizing your physique, a positive affirmation might sound like “I have a strong and resilient body that is capable of great things.” 

How Do You Do Daily Affirmations?

Proponents of daily affirmations suggest that you read yours from a script each morning while looking at yourself in the mirror. Repeat each mantra ten times in the mirror. You can (and should!) repeat your affirmations again throughout the day if you need a boost of positivity, or if you’re experiencing stress or anger. 

Another way to keep positivity front and center in your life is to write your mantras down on a card or post-it and hang them up around your home. Seeing them throughout the day can be a nice way to remind yourself who 

The positive thoughts you choose for your daily practice should be things you genuinely believe. Just as your goals must be achievable to be effective, your mantras should be believable. 

How Do You Write Affirmations?

There are many great examples of daily affirmations out there if you want to get started with your positivity journey today. However, writing your own affirmations is itself a powerful exercise. It can help bolster your practice because you’re more likely to believe the mantras that you’ve written for yourself. 

While it’s fine to start with a pre-scripted affirmation to start forming the habit of saying them each day, eventually, you’ll want to write your own affirmations tailored to fit your experiences. 

Here are a few tips to help you write your own affirmations:

Always write in the present tense. 

Even if you’re manifesting positivity for the future. For example, instead of saying “I will achieve financial independence for my family,” try something like “I am working hard each day to secure a future of abundance for my family.”

Use positive words in your affirmations. 

Find a way to frame your words in a positive way. Always say “I will” instead of “I won’t.” Keeping the phrasing positive will help train your brain to steer clear of negative language in the long run. 

Spend time each day reaffirming your true desires. 

Make sure your daily mantras focus on what you really want. While you’re writing your mantras, try to envision the future you want and let that inform your practice. 

Make your daily mantras believable. 

For instance, if you’re writing affirmations about your physical health, saying “I will look like Gisele Bundchen by July 1st” will likely just make you feel silly. Something along the lines of, “I will put forth the effort today to take care of my physical health” is perhaps more believable. 

Make your daily recitations fit your beliefs. 

If you don’t feel  It’s important that you truly feel and believe the words that you’re saying. You should feel inspired at the end of your practice.

10 Best Daily Affirmations for Single Moms

As a single mother, you probably feel like you need a much bigger dose of positivity each day than the average person. Your role as a mother is front-and-center in your life, and the enormity of that responsibility can be draining. But starting each morning with a moment of self-love and strength can transform the trajectory of your day – and your life. 

Here are nine mantras that target our deepest desires as single mothers. 

  • I am needed and loved in my home.
  • My love for my kids is what they really need.
  • I am not a perfect mom; I’m a great mom. 
  • I am creating a space of safety and love in which to raise my children.  
  • I am intelligent, capable, and resilient. I have tackled incredible challenges. I have survived. I am growing and going forward.
  • I will live in the present with my kids. 
  • I will look forward to tomorrow with hope not fear. 
  • I can create the life I want starting today, single motherhood IS NOT holding me back.
  • I find peace knowing that I am entrusted to mother, protect and care for my children. 
  • I am grateful for my children and our life together. I will focus only on the things within my realm of control. 

Final Thoughts

Affirmations can feel a bit silly when you first start your daily practice. But manifesting positivity each morning is a proven technique that has an empirical basis in neuroscience. So long as you believe in the words that you’re speaking, your practice will pay off. 

You’ll be amazed by how quickly you start to become the version of yourself that you were thinking of when you wrote your affirmations. 

Your turn, mama! What daily affirmations will you add to your morning routine to set the tone for the day? 

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