5 Style & Beauty Tips for Mom’s on the Go  

Beauty-on-the-go is an art form that you can easily perfect given the right tips and tools. As busy single mom’s the last thing you have time for is a 12-step skincare routine and a full face of makeup!

If you don’t have time for a full-blown style and beauty regiment, don’t fret – we’re here to give you some fun and easy tips to elevate your look. Here are 5 of our favorite tips for mom’s on the go:

#1. Fresh and simple makeup goes a long way

Instead of opting for a full-face of makeup, save time by focusing on the basics. Start by dabbing some concealer on the darker parts around your eyes. This will brighten up the area and help conceal the lack of sleep you’re running on! Add a little blush, bronzer, and mascara to complete the look. A simple look like this will leave you looking fresh and dewy in under 10 minutes!

#2. When in doubt, throw on a blazer

Blazers are the easiest way to look dressy without actually putting in any effort. Try throwing on a blazer with shorts. This high-fashion trend can be fun and summery when dressed down. Perfect for brunch with friends (when worn with chunky sneakers) or dinner with family (when worn with strappy heels or black boots). My favorite thing about this trend is its versatility – you can make it girlie or edgy depending on your preference and style.

#3. Accessories make the biggest difference

A pair of gold hoops, a tennis bracelet, and chunky rings can dress up any outfit. But if you’re more of color gal, then give friendship bracelets a try! Long gone are the days where beads strung on colorful string were purely for camp entertainment. The resurgence of “friendship bracelets” is evident all over Instagram and Pinterest. It’s a great way to throw color into a simple outfit. Bracelets like these are also fun, easy to layer, and very low in cost.

#4. Go back to basics

Not every day can be sundresses and well-curated outfits. Some days, you just need to throw on something simple and easy to run out the door in. Try an oversized tee with biker shorts: it’s a great way to elevate a simple look while still being comfortable and cozy. You could also try crop tops with flared pants: pairing something tight & short with something long & slightly oversized makes for a very flattering look!

Bonus: looks like these are easy to throw together, and can be dressed up or down based on the jewelry and shoes paired with them.

#5. Let your nails do the talking

I love throwing on casual tops and simple dresses knowing that my nails are the ones doing all the talking! Looking for something fun and different? Try nude nails with neon tips. Kylie Jenner started this trend (as she does most!) and it’s absolutely around to stay. My favorite part about fun nails is that they truly make any outfit pop!

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