Dating Tips for Single Moms

Dating a single mom can be intimidating. And while you might not exactly be in a rush to start dating, or grimace at the thought of starting all over again, the truth is, you’re probably still crave companionship and at least a little romance. The trouble is, things can be tricky when it comes to dating with kids. If you’re a single mom, then you know this truth all too well. Here we’ll share some of our top tips and helpful dating advice for single moms to make things less stressful.

Tip #1: Dating a Person With a Similar Lifestyle as You Can Help Tremendously

This is not to say that you need to seek out a partner identical to you, this just means it’s likely best to find a compatible person whose lifestyle is similar to your own. This could mean a person who has broken up/gone through a divorce and also has kids from a previous relationship. Opposites can certainly attract, but those who are similar tend to stay together longer.

Tip #2: Keep Your Guard Up

With this tip, we aren’t suggesting for you to be a coldhearted you-know-what. What we mean is that you have your heart and your kids’ hearts to protect. For their sake, take things slow and easy and don’t rush into a serious relationship. Kids are very impressionable and sensitive, especially little ones, so it’s best to take things slow for all parties involved.

Tip #3: Don’t Rush Introductions

Similar to the tip mentioned above, you want to seriously consider the person you are introducing to your children before you make an official introduction. Your kids might be quick to judge or object to this person based off the fact that it’s not their “real” parent, so take this into careful consideration. Courting is not old-fashioned, and it’s a chivalrous act that never goes out of style. Allow your new sweetie to earn the chance to meet your children when you’ve both decided that the timing is right.

Tip #4: Choose Date Nights With Consideration

This tip can be tricky if the person you’re dating has kids with opposite visitation schedules as yours, so it might take some more planning. However, at least in the beginning, it’s best to plan your outings when it’s not taking away from time with your kids. Try to schedule dates during times when the kiddos are with their other parent/grandparents. This way, they won’t feel left out or grow bitter.

Tip #5: Have fun!

This might sound silly, but it’s true. Dating can be a magical experience between two people when things just fall into place. Enjoy yourself and remember you deserve to feel wanted, appreciated, and catered to. Being a mom—especially a single mom—is no walk in the park! Enjoy someone treating you, making you feel special, and giving you a much-needed night/day on the town. Just remember, butterflies can sometimes be red flags, and don’t find someone that doesn’t see you as the strong and independent badass that you are!

Got any of your own single mama dating tips to share? We’d love to hear them! Just leave us a comment and share!




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