8 Inspirationally Best Books For Single Moms

Ladies, aren’t we always looking for ways to improve our lives?  Well, one of the best things you can do for yourself is read more books! Now before you roll your eyes at me, hear me out. Not only will books help keep you entertained, but they’ll also give you some valuable advice and information. Here are the best books for single moms that I’ve added to my shelf lately. 

8 Best Books For Single Moms: From Finances to Self-Care

30-Day Kickass Single Mom Money Makeover: Get Your Financial Act Together, Finally and Forever! by Emma Johnson

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What’s in it: I chose to start the best books for single moms list with this sequel to The Kickass Single Mom to help you take that bull by the horns.  Author Emma Johnson motivates her reader to feel completely empowered to do what it takes to improve our revenue stream and manage what funds are going out so that you are the boss of your bank account.

Why it’s on my list:  Statistics show that many single moms live in poverty, and one of us living with the chronic stress of making ends meet is one mom too many for me.  Not all of us are in financial straits and this book gives some very practical advice no matter how much you have, or don’t have.  I believe knowledge is power, which is why I started this blog!  


The Everything Guide To Personal Finance For Single Mothers Book: A Step-by-step Plan for Achieving Financial Independence by Susan Reynolds and Robert Bexon


What’s in it?  This dynamic duo discusses how you can assess your situation and do something about it.  They take you through a step-by-step process to get debt under control and start to save.  Saving money, now that’s a great concept!  That’s why this is one of the best books for single moms!

Why it’s on my list:  Our relationship with our money is important and some of us have a hard time facing it.  If you’re flying by the seat of your pants this book is super practical, easy to read, and easy to understand.  My hope is that it inspires those of us who need help with our money the most.


More than a mom: How prioritizing your wellness helps you (and your family) thrive by Kari Kampakis

more than a mom book

What’s in it?  Are you picking up on a theme here? I’m really honing in on self care because you’ve earned it!  This gem gets inside of our heads and grabs that negative self-talk tape by the reels and throws it out for good!  It also makes resting and recharging at the foundation of setting boundaries and asking for help.  

Why it’s on my list:  I mean, who wouldn’t love a book that normalizes self care?  Author Kampakis really makes a case for not just thinking about self-care but taking steps to make it happen.  I believe in the mindset of taking care of the caretaker.  It’s a great reminder that we need to be as good to ourselves as we do for our loved ones.


We Got This: Solo Mom Stories of Grit, Heart, and Humor by Marika Lindholm

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What’s in it?  Humor, tears, anger, hope – grab the tissues.  Seventy five single mothers, some of them we know and love, write about their experiences flying solo as a parent.  These ladies remind the reader that each of us wears a cape.  These stories are so relatable and inspiring and each individual in their unique truth will be familiar to you.  

Why it’s on my list:  I like this book because it reminds the reader that she’s not alone.  Having the responsibility of single parenthood can feel super isolating, especially when things get rough in life.  These women celebrate single parenthood in all of its messy, chaotic, joyful glory.  We all have one major thing in common:  we love our kiddos.


Grumpy Mom Takes a Holiday: Say Goodbye to Stressed, Tired, and Anxious, and Say Hello to Renewed Joy in Motherhood by Valerie Woerner

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What’s in it?  There is a lot out in the world that can steal our joy.  This book acknowledges how easy it is to get into a negative mindset, which then causes us not to be as present as we want to be for our family.  The author is a mother too, who can totally relate to that cycle of “blah” we find ourselves in.  She motivates the reader to go from disaster to master of our mothering experience.

Why it’s on my list:  Trust me, the mom you’ll be twenty years from now will thank you for taking the time to put the brakes on the well-earned pity party we sometimes throw for ourselves.  While a good cry now and again can be helpful, dwelling too much on the negative really robs us of enjoying our babies while they’re kids.  This is your wakeup call.


Single Mom…Slaying It!: An Empowering Resource Guide to Expand Your Superpowers by Andrea Pearson

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What’s in it?  I love this author because she really makes it a point in this book to connect with the reader.  A single mother also, she discusses her experience raising kiddos as a single; yet another resource that proves you’re not alone.  She takes the reader through a self-discovery process and by the end you’ll be convinced that you are amazing!

Why it’s on my list: I love positive psychology and boy, do we need it.  Pearson is great at positive self-talk and looking for evidence that we’re doing things right.  I like a tool that can flip the switch on that negative nagging tape that runs through our heads.  This is one of the best books for single moms!


How Mamas Love Their Babies by Juniper Fitzgerald

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What’s in it:  Now this book isn’t your typical “single mom’s have superpowers” kind of book.  Author Fitzgerald looks beyond suburbia and her writing pushes motherhood into a whole new dimension.  This book is really going to make you reassess what you know about being a mom!  

Why it’s on my listMotherhood is not one-dimensional.  We come from all walks of life, in all places around the world.  This book is a bit mind-bending, so much so that it will give you a really new perspective on what being a “good mother” looks like.  We could all use a boost to our egos, too.


Regretting You by Colleen Hoover

Regretting You by Colleen Hoover

What’s in it?  I went with a novel here because sometimes it’s good to read about someone else’s stuff for a while!  This is a really moving story about a mother and daughter and all of the heartbreaking and heartwarming dynamics between them and their family.  This story evokes feelings of loss and hope.  

Why it’s on my list:  The most influential relationship a daughter has is with her mother.  Regardless of your relationship with your mother, the characters Morgan and Clara remind the reader of the many challenges we go through with our moms and as a mom.  Plus a novel is a great distraction from our day to day worries.

Final Thoughts

It can be tough being a single mom. You’re juggling so many things and sometimes it feels like you just can’t get out of a negative or stressful cycle. But don’t worry, I’ve got your back. From self-care to finances to parenting, these best books for single moms will help you tackle whatever life throws your way. 

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