5 Challenges Single Moms Face

I wrote this post to provide real time help for single moms. Understanding the challenges you face is half of the battle.

As a woman that was never married and faced an unplanned pregnancy AND raising a child alone I have been through the process of becoming a single mom. The day that I found out I was pregnant with my daughter my world was permanently turned upside down. In the end, this unplanned surprise became the best thing to ever happen to me BUT, that didn’t make learning how to live as a single mom easier—it just made it more rewarding.

Here are some challenges that I faced that I was unprepared for:

  1. Managing the stigma of being a single mother.
  2. Dating as a single mother.
  3. Creating a home without a husband.
  4. Finding balance between work and home life.
  5. Maintaining emotional stability.

As I entered single motherhood the above challenges became REAL. I truly didn’t know what I was in for and that is part of the reason why I created Single Mom Spot. When I became a single mother I joined a group of women that have been struggling under the weight of the label ‘single mother.’ Until it happened to me, I had ideas about single moms and unplanned pregnancy that I didn’t realize I carried with me. But what I quickly learned after finding out I was pregnant was that many of the negative thoughts I had had were ideas that other people around me carried. The sting of this new reality wasn’t lost on me.

I want to be a part of changing the stories that single mothers are creating for themselves, their children and the world.

You might not have become a single mother through unplanned pregnancy but trust me, this still applies to you, your life and your children.

I believe that we can live our BEST LIVES as single mothers.

Are you listening?

Please note, I didn’t say I believe we can live our EASIEST LIVES.


The challenges you are facing are real. Many of them hurt. Many of them are an ongoing struggle. But there is more to life than struggle. I want you to keep reading and learn how you can combat these challenges and Life Your Best Life Now.