How to Turn Your Hobby Into an Income on Etsy

For many of us single moms, the thought of selling items online is intriguing. And that’s because not having to leave the house to make money is the dream situation for many single working mothers. Some ladies with closets to-die-for turn to Poshmark for extra cashflow, but there are other ladies out there with the gift of creativity looking to transform that into profits. This is where Etsy comes in. This online platform for unique goods is the perfect way for a single mom to turn her hobby into an income.

Getting started on Etsy takes some research, but luckily for you, we’ve gathered up everything you need to know to get started on Etsy.

Simply follow these helpful tips to become a successful seller on Etsy (and learn how to make money online)

Do your research and find your niche

Okay, so you know you’re creative, but what is it that you can make/collect that will create demand for the Etsy store you’re going to start? This will take time and research and preparation. The good thing is, Etsy offers several valuable resources directly on their website to help you get started. Make it a point to review all of these materials as you start your journey to become a seller on Etsy.

See this chart below which tells you the most popular categories in the eyes of buyers on Etsy:



Additionally, let’s say that you want to start an Etsy store selling customized garments, you’re going to need to study different drop shipping companies in which you’ll obtain those garments from. For example, Shopify is well-known in the Etsy world as being the go-to for many Etsy sellers when it comes to drop shipping retailers. They’re reliable and their price points are quite favorable when compared to the competition. 




When it comes to exactly what you can sell on Etsy, check out this graphic below courtesy of their platform:

Screen Shot 2022 01 16 at 7.59.22 AM

Not exactly sure where to get started? Check out Etsy’s super helpful “Editors’ Picks” guide which tells you the latest and greatest trends.

Know your price points and study to competition

The best way to become a successful buyer on Etsy is to know your price points and study your competition. Sure, you could have a unicorn product that’s truly unique, but chances are, there will be other Etsy sellers out there with products that are similar to your own. Profits are obviously on every Etsy sellers’ mind, but you have to be realistic with your price points if you want to be successful. This includes comparing your price points to your competitors’ price points.

Etsy is committed to a star rating system for sellers, so while that’s key to being successful in the eyes of Etsy buyers, having your products appropriately priced is equally as important. Additionally, it’s important to properly understand the fees associated with listing items on Etsy, as well as the shipping rates on your end.

Always strive for five star reviews

The saying that a little goes a long way really means something here. By making the effort to connect with your customers, this will show them that you are a seller that truly cares. You can message them to let them know the status of their order, etc., and when their order has been delivered, don’t be shy to kindly ask for a review. Again, reviews and star ratings are huge in the Etsy world. You need those reviews in order to grow your Etsy business.

Do a little extra

Just like we mentioned above, adding in a little thank you note with your customer’s purchase, or even throwing in a fun little extra, will make your customer’s feel special—and that makes you memorable in their eyes. When you add little extra touches like this, it greatly increases your visibility on Etsy because those customers are much more likely to rave about you to their friends and leave you awesome feedback on your store.

Showcase your work online and tell your friends and family

If you want to become a successful seller on Etsy, get started on your word of mouth networking game ASAP. Putting the word out that you’re starting your own Etsy store is a great way to build a buzz around your efforts. Share on social media, tell your family friends, you’re your store’s URL to your email signature, heck, make business cards to keep on you and pass out whenever you meet new people.

Remember, people love Etsy for their ability to find fun, cute, and unique purchases on there. Make yourself a standout, and express to your family and friends how much their support means to you when you’re looking to start your Etsy store. Until you have those five-star ratings, word of mouth and networking will help you to get your foot in the door.

A basic recap on things to know before you get started selling on Etsy:

  • Understand consumer demand
  • Carefully decide what items to sell—as well as how to source them
  • Think of a clever and catchy name for your store
  • Understand price points, competition, fees, and shipping
  • Strive for five-star reviews, and always do a little something extra to show your buyers you appreciate them
  • Network with family and friends
  • And most of all, have fun with your new entrepreneur journey!

Do you have any tips of your own to share on how to turn your hobby into an income on Etsy? Our single mama community would love to read them. Leave us a comment and share!


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