List Your Family Law Firm in our Top Family Law Database

If you are looking for new marketing opportunities for your law firm you can ‘List Your Family Law Firm in our Top Family Law Database.’ This is a unique opportunity to connect with women that regularly use and seek out legal resources. Single women that are considering divorce or are in the middle of on-going custody issues often use family law firms. They look to trusted resources like Single mom Spot to connect them with the attorneys that have their best interest at heart.

Relevant Marketing to a Targeted Audience

Single Mom Spot ™ is a new online community for single moms. We are rapidly growing and have collected more than 80,000 emails since beginning Single Mom Spot ™ less than 1 year ago.

  • When you list your firm in our Top Family Law Database your firm’s exposure to a relevant audience will grow exponentially in reach
  • Our Top Family Law Database will be distributed 2 x per year to our mailing list as a courtesy to subscribers

Family Law Marketing Opportunity Overview

When you are added to the database your firm receives:

  1. Permanent placement in the Top Family Law Database
  2. Permanent exposure to a growing community of women who are considering divorce, in the process of divorce seeking aid and single moms that regularly utilize attorneys to resolve on-going custody issues
  3. The benefit of our investment in the website, advertising and community building (more than 100k invested to date)
  4. Entry level price point. As Single Mom Spot grows, the rate for placement in our attorney database will be adjusted in accordance with audience growth

Taking your spot in our database is more than just great press…

Here are three great reasons why you should consider this unique marketing opportunity with Single Mom Spot:

  1. When you are added to the database you support a community developed by single mothers for single moms.
  2. You actively demonstrate your firm’s commitment to making a positive impact in the lives of single mothers and their children
  3. You actively demonstrate your firm’s interest in protecting single mothers and their children

Creating a Way Forward for Women Facing Single Motherhood

Single Mom Spot is on online connection point for single moms that creates real, offline change.

  • A forum
  • Live events
  • In Full Bloom Mag
  • Woman In Bloom Podcast (in development)

Add your firm today!

Ready to invest in a new marketing opportunity? You can list your law firm in our top family law database by visiting our partners page where you can instantly check out here. Your firm will be added within 1 business day and you will be included on this frequently visited page for life. If you have questions about this opportunity, please email

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About the Founder

Single Mom Spot was founded in 2021 by Jenna Paulson, an entrepreneur and single mom. Jenna is committed to inspiring, equipping and encouraging women in their journey through single motherhood. She is committed to keeping resources like the Top Law Firm Attorney Database free for single moms for life.

Jenna is an accomplished entrepreneur that has worked with McDonald’s Corporation, Host Marriot, Marshall Retail Group, Planet Hollywood, The Body Shop, Chef Guy Fieri, Starbucks and dozens of other notable brands. Her first business is a woman owned, state certified marketing consulting firm.




My name is Jenna and I am the founder of Single Mom Spot. I've been a single mom for almost 10 years now. I'm a Christian and mama to two kids that I love like crazy. I started this site because I know how difficult single motherhood can be...and also, how beautiful. I believe that single motherhood helped make me into the best version of myself as a woman and mom. My hope, is that through a connection point like Single Mom Spot, women can share their experiences and grow together. What an amazing thing if every single mom could live her best life as a woman and mother right now, in the middle of her most challenging life circumstance. How bold. How beautiful. How unforgettable. Thank you for reading and supporting Single Mom Spot.