Preparing for the Holidays on a Single Mom Friendly Budget

It’s November, mamas, and you know what that means??? The holidays are just around the corner! Sure, sweaters and eggnog can get us in the holiday spirit, but there are some special ways we can decorate our homes to get super festive this holiday season. (And we’re not just talking about your traditional Christmas tree!) Keep reading for our favorite festive holiday décor ideas that are ideal for a single mom budget.

P.S. Every year at my house we add to our Christmas decoration collection. This is a labor of love that my kids and I really enjoy. As the years have passed this has been a manageable way to decorate beautifully for Christmas without breaking the bank.

So, let’s get started preparing for the holidays on a budget that is right for you. Here are a few tips from our single mom community.

Choose a color scheme…and commit to it!

This is one of the most helpful things that I’ve done over the years. I really like gold, white and champagne colored holiday decor so I chose that direction and stuck with it. Instead of purchasing random items I thought were really pretty individually but that didn’t flow with my existing decorations or budget I only purchased items within my preferred holiday color scheme and did so AS I COULD AFFORD IT. This meant some years I bought nothing and other years I added several items to my collection. Now, years’ in the making, my holiday decorations are starting to look  more full, festive and beautiful than I ever imagined.

Put those lights up!

This one might seem like a no-brainer, but putting lights up around your home—especially along the perimeters of your yard and roof—are the perfect way to up the holiday spirit. If you’re not confident in your own Christmas light decorating skills, need not worry. You can always rely on professionals to get the job done for you, and many are modestly priced. Big Lots and Walmart are great places to search for a nice selection of Christmas lights at an equally great price.

Switch up your everyday décor

Unless your personal decor is a mix of poinsettias and red, white, and green year-round, you’ll want to switch things up to make the vibe in your home more of a Happy Holidays feel. And this is super simple and affordable to do, so don’t stress out over spending a fortune to turn your home into a Christmas Wonderland. Overstock has wonderful affordably priced Holiday decor options to help you add some cheer to your home.

Decorate your door and porch

The front of your home is intended to be a statement piece, so you should show off your Christmas spirit by decorating your front porch with a wreath and outdoor holiday decorations. From cinnamon scented pine cone baskets, ribbon-wrapped banisters, and front door wreaths, all it takes is a handful of holiday decor options to make your front area look super festive. You can even get crafty and hit up your local craft stores like Michael’s and make a DIY wreath of your own! If crafting isn’t your cup of tea, Kirkland’s, Costco, At Home and TJ Maxx often have beautiful wreaths at single mom budget-friendly prices.

Don’t forget to decorate your mantle and fireplace

This is a spot in your home that you’re likely to spend a lot of time at when it comes to drinking hot cocoa and unwrapping those Christmas presents after Santa comes. Remember, you can go with flameless candles if you have pets or little ones and you’re afraid of fire dangers in your home. And you can often find mantle-specific holiday decor at many craft stores once the “brrrr” months hit.

Light up your home with scented candles and fairy lights

If you’re planning to throw a holiday get-together and you want your home to look over-the-top-festive, then invest in some fairy lights and scented candles. Not only will the inviting aromas delight your guests, but the dainty fairy lights add a nice touch to any home. And, as mentioned above over safety concerns for children and pets, you can always go the wax warmer route if the thought of candles around your home makes you nervous.

Whatever holiday it is that you and your family celebrates, remember that it’s about time spent together, and don’t let the little things get you down or stress you. The holidays are meant as a time to cherish with family, and it’ll be even more special when you create those magical memories together in your super festive home. Even if you’re on a tight single mom budget this holiday season, do your best to remain upbeat and don’t get discouraged.

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