Who is a single mom?

What is the definition of a single mom (according to single mom spot)? A single mom is any woman with children without a husband (spouse). The definition in my book is that simple. It’s funny, some girls with boyfriends aren’t sure if they are single moms. Let me just say this one more time: A single mom is any woman with children without a husband (spouse). Period. Your boyfriend might be truly amazing, BUT, he does not truly share responsibility for your children.

The circumstance that made you a single mom is completely unique to you and it’s a story that you own whether it was an unplanned pregnancy. A divorce. The death of a spouse. And more recently, if you are a single mom by choice.

Whatever the reason, if you are raising your baby solo you are a single mama and we welcome you to into this conversation. There is a mom just like you in this community and you are not alone. I know it because before I even launched Single Mom Spot, I began starting conversations with single moms wherever I could find them. Facebook. Craigslist. The grocery story. When having sushi with my own local single mom group.

So get cozy if you have time to read or write or chat right now—OR—join our Invite Only conversation to gain access to the forum and receive email updates and read inspiring stories about other single moms from around the country.

My goal is simple: I want Single Mom Spot to be a diverse, inclusive, online community for offline change. We want Single Mom Spot to provide help for single moms AND hope.

We want single Mom Spot to reach as many single moms as possible as we strive towards this goal so that we can come together in a welcoming, shared space for women that are ready to live their best life with their children NOW.