Book Review: The Man God Has for You by Stephan Labossiere

the man god has for youI want to share an incredible book that I think any single mom looking for a relationship can benefit from. Stephan offers great relationship advice for single women that will improve your perspective AND your dating life. 

First, Let Me Set the Scene

This past winter I sat down to dinner with two of my single mom besties for a long dinner in a chilly tent (#diningduringcovid) and we talked men (as usual). At the time, all three of us were making efforts to date but nothing very productive had come of it. I had just been through a really hard breakup (I guess that’s what you would call it, it’s too long of a story for this post) and so had my other friend Kamila. Kamila and I, for many good reasons, have never chosen to get married. Rachel, however, had. Together, the three of us brought many of different opinions and backgrounds to the conversation about our love lives or—and maybe this is more accurate—why our lives seemed to be lacking ‘the loves of our lives.’ What we didn’t bring to the table though was many answers we felt were solid.

In advance of our dinner, Kamila had come up with a plan to help this, and I will tell you, what she gave us was the best Christmas gift that I received this year. It was a book called The Man God Has For You by Stephan Labosserie. When she handed us the books as we talked, I couldn’t help but nod and smile. Another book. Probably full of more advice that I didn’t need. And, my story is different, this can’t apply. In my head I was certain–to a stubborn point–that a book couldn’t begin to touch our mega man problems. I thought, ‘girl, have you even heard the stories we’ve been sharing?’

None of us were dealing with anyone that was behaving anything like the men that we imagined God would want for us. Still, I thanked her and tucked the book in my purse and decided to save the author’s advice for some long snowy Saturday when I was bored or after my next bad date (which was bound to happen soon).

And, that’s exactly what I did. Instead of reading the book right away (which I really should have) I put it in a drawer and ‘saved it.’ Who saves advice? Someone who doesn’t want it…that’s who. I didn’t actually know I was that person when it came to reading a book (written by a man no less) on the topic of dating. ALL I can say is this: I WISH I WOULD HAVE READ THE BOOK SOONER.

I mean years sooner.

For any single woman or single mother that is dating, this book is an AWESOME read that shouldn’t be missed.

Why I loved The Man God Has For You by Stephan Labosserie

  1. The Man God Has for You was easy to read. I read it in 3 days. Once I started, I didn’t want to stop. Now, the copy I own is full of notes in the margins and underlined text.
  2. The Man God Has For You was chicken soup for the single mom heart. This book was actually a helpful tool that really challenged me to assess how and who I date. This was a book that nourished my spirit and helped me open my mind to new was of thinking about dating.
  3. The Man God Has For You was full of real, honest advice and great dating examples from the perspective of a man of faith. In the book Stephan called out ‘7 Traits to Help You Determine Your Life Partner.’ The chapter titles like ‘Trait #1 You Will Be Attracted to Him,’ surprised me in and of themselves but the content that was actually shared within the pages was deep and for me, I felt much of it was accurate.
  4. The Man God Has For You created change in my life by helping to change my thinking. And that’s what single mom spot is all about. We want to share any kind of resource that helps make a positive difference.

Have a great book for single moms? Or, have you received dating advice that radically changed your perspective? Please share in the comments below!



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