Great Ways to Encourage Your Children by Single Mom Spot™

As parents, it’s our duty to encourage our children to become their best selves. But the thing is, this is often easier said than done and children of single parents have it especially tough. They face challenges that their peers from two parent households are not managing. From the emotional turmoil that comes from living between two different homes to the pressure they can experience of feeling they want to ‘help’ their mothers (because they are witness to the challenges their single mom struggles with).

We all have our moments of wisdom and inspiration, but we also have times when we’re frazzled and rundown and in those moments it can feel as though its hard to encourage ourselves, let alone the little ones we are responsible for. The good thing is mama, you don’t have to spend every single second of your life as a mom hoping to find ways to encourage them. Here we will share with you some easy ways to encourage your children so they can learn to spread their wings and fly. But remember, what children of single parents need most each and every day is YOU! Your love for them is what matters most.

Here are five great ways to encourage your children (that are also pretty easy!):

First off, remember to praise their mind and not their looks

A child has absolutely zero control over their genetics. What a child has, however, is the power of their mind and their actions. If you’re looking to encourage your child through praise, it’s best to praise their mind and not their looks. This way, as they grow older, their confidence will stem from their smarts, not from what they see when they look into the mirror. Of course you can tell your child that he or she is pretty/handsome/etc., but do not focus strictly on this. It’s important for kids to have their minds praised, as well as the actions they take that affects others in a positive way.

Encourage your child to find their voice

Children have a lot to say, and sometimes their words are wise beyond their years. It’s important to encourage your child to find their voice and speak up about how they feel. And, most importantly, encourage them to feel. (more on that below!)

Dinnertime is great time to utilize this tip to encourage your children. Ask them about their day at school, and encourage them to elaborate on the details. When they talk about something that seems important to them, encourage them to tell you what makes them feel inspired by such things. You can also discuss kid-friendly current events and ask their opinion on such issues. It’s important for kids to know that their opinion matters, and this is a great way to encourage your children that they are intelligent and their words and thoughts matter.

Encourage your child to feel their emotions

Many of us grew up in a time when mental health was rarely discussed. During our childhood, these topics often felt taboo or strictly off-limits. Despite the craziness of the world we live in today, we can be grateful for the open conversation that has begun on mental health for people of all ages.

It’s detrimental to our kids’ well-being to allow our children to feel and process those feeling that happen during life experiences. Shutting off our emotions or encouraging our children to shut off theirs is a recipe for disaster. By encouraging your child to feel their emotions, you’re showing them that it’s okay and perfectly acceptable to feel things on a deeper level, and that they should never be made to feel bad about it. And, if anything, it’s incredibly mature to learn to deal with those emotions and process them in a sensible way. Treat their talks about their feelings as an open discussion where you listen and allow them to feel as if they have a safe space to talk and not feel judged.

Encourage your little ones to try something new

You do not have to live vicariously through your child, nor should you. The best way to encourage your children to try something new is to allow them to choose what it is that they want to try. See what sparks their interests, and don’t sway them to do something that you want them to try because it’s something you like personally. Children are unique from their parents, as are their interests and hobbies. Allow them to discover hobbies and interests that spark their curiosity, and help them pursue those interests!

Encourage your children by setting goals together

Our kids often look up to us as role models. That’s why it’s great for us to team up with them when we want to encourage them to become their best selves. Setting goals as a family is a great way to encourage your children, and it comes with an added bonus of accountability.

You and your child can start with small goals and work towards them, and if you have multiple children, all the kids can join in on the fun. There are many different types of goals you can set together, from saving money, focusing on eating healthy, exercise, reading new books, learning new recipes, anything really!

Do you have any tips of your own to share when it comes to encouraging your children?

We’d love to hear what they are. Leave us a comment and share!


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