Ways to Practice Thankfulness With Your Kids

It doesn’t just have to be turkey time for us to practice gratitude and be thankful for all the good we have in our lives. Of course there’s no better time to be grateful than on Thanksgiving, but the truth is that it’s important to practice thankfulness on a routine basis. And this is very true for us single moms, and that’s because we are a shining beacon of inspiration to our kids. If you’re looking for some ways to practice thankfulness with your kids, we have some helpful ideas for single moms to keep you focused on what YOU DO HAVE and not on what you don’t.

Serve as the teacher of gratitude for your kids

Our kids look up to us no matter what age they are. And they will often mirror our behavior and attitude, and sometimes when they emulate the good things we do, it uplifts our spirits high. If you are mindful about practicing thankfulness no matter the season, this is one of the best ways to positively imprint on your children. Make it a point to discuss things that you’re grateful for in your life, and encourage them to do the same. These open dialogues of positivity are great to utilize at times even when you feel as if the odds are stacked against you.

Perform random acts of kindness—and include your kids when you can

No matter how bad things might seem at times, there will always be others out there who have things worse off than we do. Make it an effort to help others at times when you can. And it doesn’t always have to be a grand gesture, because kindness is contagious and a little goes a long way. From donating clothing, canned goods, or volunteering your time to those in needs, incorporate your kids on these good deeds so they can see how helping others serves us to be grateful for all the good we have in our own lives. Bestowing on to those less fortunate is something that never goes out of style and is a great way to show your kids how to practice thankfulness.

Instill good manners in your kids

When people do things for kids, whether it’s from their peers, adults, or teachers at school, it’s important for children to be appreciative of it. The way our kids behave when they aren’t in our presence is one of the biggest reflections of the parenting we do. I love when I hear that my girls use their manners, because it makes me beam with pride that they are thankful to others and know how to verbalize it. Encourage your kids to use “please” and “thank you” when applicable. Because when your kids learn to use these words of gratitude, it’s showing that they’re thankful to others for the kindness shown to them.

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What are some proven methods that you use to practice thankfulness with your children?

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