Welcome to Single Mom Spot!

If you’re a single mama, Single Mom Spot™ was made just for you. So, get excited to know that you’re not alone, that there is a WORLD of other ladies out there braving mom life solo while holding down a career and a home.

I know that the challenges you face on a daily basis are REAL.

I know that you probably did not plan to be a single mom.

I know that you are doing your best and that sometimes your best FEELS like it isn’t enough.

Single Mom Spot™ was founded by a single mom that understands how difficult the journey can be. To read more from Jenna, check out her Hostess Column HERE.

The purpose of Single Mom Spot™ is to provide help for single moms by inspiring, encouraging and most importantly equipping women to live their best lives right now.

Single Mom Spot™ is the Single Mom Community You’ve Been Looking For

Single Mom Spot mamas are just like you (well not EXACTLY like you but you know what I mean):

They are single mothers working hard to live their best lives for themselves and their children. Like you, they are strong and vibrant women. But also like you, they feel parenting, dating, providing—everything really—stacks up against them. And this can make the journey feel long and difficult and extra lonely. Single Mom Spot is designed to be a resource that you can come to for hope, inspiration and to gather strength to go forward in your single mom journey.

You were made for more than just getting by in your daily life as a woman and mother.

You know this deep down. I know this and I believe it with everything in me. My hope is that in partnership with a welcoming community of ladies, every single mom out there can grab a hold of this idea and run with it like the wind in the direction of their dreams: today is your day. This is your life and your days with your children, no matter how challenging the circumstances are PRECIOUS.

Single Mom Spot™ is an Online Community for Offline Change.

Single Mom Spot™ Brings You…

  • Curated content written by single mothers like me that understand your unique circumstances.
  • Connection to a growing a community that are engaged in a real, honest dialogue about their lives.
  • Learn about the Invite Only conversations that you can participate in here.
  • Resources that respond to the needs of the Single Mom Spot community.
  • Daily Inspiration that connects with your life as a single mother.

Single Mom Spot™ is for the Whole Woman

Single Mom Spot™ is designed to be a place of encouragement, hope and inspiration for all of you. Not just for the lady parts and not just for the mommy parts. Single Mom Spot is a rich resource for the whole woman—mind, body, spirit.

Single Mom Spot™ isn’t just a place for serious discussions, it’s a place where you can expect the vibe to change the same way it does in your real life as a single mother. We will tackle tough issues and share the stories that have made our single mom journey’s unique AND we will talk about dating and dressing and what to make for dinner in a pinch. Single Mom Spot is about YOU. It’s about your family. It’s about your faith. It’s about your finances, your day job and the job your dream was your day job.

Single Mom Spot™ is an open forum of curated content to provide help for single moms AND hope. I’m not leaving this community in the hands of mystery bloggers. I’m hosting real single mothers that are ready to live their best life now AND ready to share exactly how they are going to do it.

So welcome mama, I hope the more you read the more excited you are about the community that you’ve found. Let’s get to know each other—join the online conversation—and get the offline changes we want in our lives…our best time for ourselves and our kids is NOW.

If you’re new to our community, say hello and introduce yourself in the comments below! We are SO EXCITED that you found us.