Why Single Moms SHOULD PRAY for their husband (to be!)

If you are a single mom that desires to be a married woman someday, this article is just for you. Here are 3 great reasons why you should pray for your husband (to be!).

Stand Firm in Your Faith & Your Identity as a Woman

When you’re in the middle of waiting to see where God is leading you and your children, it can be hard to remain strong in your faith. It can feel difficult to share your deepest desires with God because it feels selfish. Some women feel that if they pray for themselves and their needs that they are somehow distracting God from the ‘more important’ needs of their children. This is simply not true. God loves you and knows exactly how he wired your heart, mind and body. If you are longing for a husband, it is because you are wired to seek out the man God has for you. I do not believe that God intended women to raise children alone. Such circumstances are a result of broken relationships in a broken world.

God is the Only One You Can Trust with the Future of Your Family

Even though this is true, you might feel hesitant to trust God with your dating choices. This is because you have likely survived TERRIBLE dating experiences. Most single moms have experience dating men who lie, cheat or pretend to be things they are not. Many single moms have attempted to trust a man only to find out that he doesn’t truly care for them the way they deserve.

If You’re A Single Mom, I Bet You’ve Had Some NO GOOD (REALLY BAD) Boyfriends

As a whole, single moms have some really, REALLY bad dating experiences. I know because I am one and because I have many single mom friends. I’ve heard all the stories and then some!

Over a glass of wine with a girlfriend, you will QUICKLY realize that your own dating horror stories likely pale in comparison to hers. Before you know it you’ll be comparing the red flags that you wish you wouldn’t have missed.

Many women became single mothers because they have left or are leaving relationships with men that are:

  • toxic
  • unhealthy (at best)
  • abusive (at worst)
  • did not love, honor or respect them

Stop Believing the Lie that there are ‘No Good Men Left’

Many single women end up dating men that do not honor or respect them or their children because they don’t believe that anything better is out there. Even though it is tempting to believe this when you are discouraged, don’t believe the lie that the world likes to tell women: that there are no good men left. This lie isn’t good for men (who we want to build up, not tear down) and it also doesn’t do you a bit of good as you approach dating.

Start Looking for a Deep, Healthy, FOREVER Relationship…

BUT, Let God Lead the Way. If you are a woman that desires a deep and meaningful relationship with a man and is seeking marriage, I am writing this with you in mind. Not all women want to be married. Not all single moms desire a man in their household. Some are quite the opposite. But if you are a single mom that wants to get married I truly believe that you should be praying for your husband.

Here are 3 Reasons Why single moms should pray for your husband (to be!) TODAY

Reason #1-Prayer builds your relationship with God.

If you’re a Christian single mother, your relationship with God will be the strength and backbone of your family. God is ultimately your provider and more than any man on earth or in heaven, God has your best interest at heart. When you share your heart and your desires with God, he hears you. Prayer is an act of worship and a demonstration of faith. The bible has SO MUCH to say about people who pray.

Reason #2-God’s gifts are good and perfect.

When God introduces your husband to you, he won’t be a perfect man, but he will be the perfect match. The bible has this to say about the gifts that God gives his children:

“Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning.” James 1:17

Think about how you felt when you met your baby. Did you feel your baby was just so perfect for you? We know our children aren’t perfect people, but somewhere deep inside (loving, healthy parents) know that they are perfectly matched to us.

Reason #3-You want the husband God chooses, not the one you pick.

You’ve probably been in some pretty difficult situations with men up until this point in your life. While these might not have been people that were bad or abusive, they just might not have been the right men for you. If you believe that God created marriage as a forever commitment for your good, God should be involved in the selection process. For best results, of course. For most of us it takes many dating mistakes before we realize that we aren’t best in the driver’s seat of our love lives. God is omniscient and omnipresent. He knows our past and our future. He knows the past and future of the man that he intends to be your husband. Consider that when you choose without God, what may look good right now, might not look so good in the future.

God Knows More About the Men You Date than You Do!

In fact, the things that God knows about the man you are dating, the man he doesn’t want you to marry, might really surprise you. As a single woman who knows just how badly your heart desires a romance and longs for a deep, wild forever love with a man, consider that fact for a moment. It has taken me awhile to truly process it myself: God knows more about the man you are currently dating than you do.

How to Start Praying for Your Husband Today

  • Bring your whole heart before God.
  • Honor Him as Lord of your life.
  • Thank Him for everything he has done for you. Protection. Provision. Salvation. Grace and mercy seen and unseen.
  • Share your need for a Husband with the God that loves you. God made marriage and he designed you to long for oneness in relationship with your Husband. The desire for a marriage is not random or worldly. They were desires set into place when God created Adam and Eve. Let God know WHY you long for a husband.

Other questions to consider about why you long for a husband:

  • Do your reasons for wanting a husband honor God?
  • Do you want a marriage where God is first?
  • Do you want to raise your children in under the umbrella of that marriage?

One additional question while you are searching your heart: Do you seek a husband because you want a level of protection and provision that only God can give?

I ask the last question because as more ‘traditional’ women we are raised with the understanding that husbands are leaders and providers.  While your husband should desire to lead, provide and protect his family (because God wired men this way), it doesn’t mean that when you find your husband you don’t need God. God is the provider in your life whether you have a husband or not, and for single moms especially, I believe it is so so important that we grab hold of this truth and live into it. Understanding that God is the head leader, provider and protector in your life is so important to living within the blessings that he has already bestowed on you and the future blessings he intends to bring. There is no human on earth—even the love of the greatest, smartest, strongest man—will never supersede the love of God for you and your children.

Start Praying for your Husband Today

The more that I worked on Single Mom Spot, the more that I realized that I am limited in my ability to help single mothers. AS this realization dawned on me, I knew that God needed to play not just a role in Single Mom Spot but THE ROLE. I cannot bring any true, life changing help to single mothers by way of inspiration, encouragement or resources apart from God. All of those things are GREAT, but the true change that will occur in your life as a single mom will come from trusting God with yourself and your children.

If you are a woman that intends to marry someday, pray for your future husband today. Specific things to pray for:

  • Guidance in your own future decision making
  • Discernment to hear God’s voice/feel his prompting
  • That the man God intends for you will be protected and led by God
  • That the man God intends to be your husband will have guidance in decision making
  • That the man God intends to be your husband to be will recognize your identity as his future wife

Submit a Prayer Request & Join Single Mom Spot in Prayer

I read a statistic today that truly shocked me: there are more single mothers in America than in any other developed country in the world. And not just a few more, VASTLY MORE. The challenge of single motherhood that more women are facing today than ever in history is a God sized problem. Luckily, God is waiting for us to share our hearts with him and bring our troubles to him in prayer. If you are a single mom that strongly desires to be married someday, please submit a prayer request to Single Mom Spot today. Our online community for single moms wants to surround you in prayer and lift up your needs.


My name is Jenna and I am the founder of Single Mom Spot. I've been a single mom for almost 10 years now. I'm a Christian and mama to two kids that I love like crazy. I started this site because I know how difficult single motherhood can be...and also, how beautiful. I believe that single motherhood helped make me into the best version of myself as a woman and mom. My hope, is that through a connection point like Single Mom Spot, women can share their experiences and grow together. What an amazing thing if every single mom could live her best life as a woman and mother right now, in the middle of her most challenging life circumstance. How bold. How beautiful. How unforgettable. Thank you for reading and supporting Single Mom Spot.