20 Reasons Why Family Dinners Are So Important (especially for single moms!)

There are so many things that feel they are ‘missing’ in a single mom household…we feel that here and understand that your family might feel broken, incomplete or vulnerable. With all the things you might feel are missing or different than you ever imagined. Please, don’t miss/skip or ditch family dinners.  Dinner with your kids—especially if you are a single mom—is an opportunity to strengthen your family.

In this post, I’ve got 20 great reasons why family dinners are so important AND why you should make them a priority.

Let’s Stop Making Excuses…

I know the excuses NOT to sit down in the evening (because I’ve made them myself) feel really justified. They sound something like this…

  • You’re too busy…
  • You’re exhausted…
  • The kids won’t eat what you cook…
  • Everyone is on a different schedule…
  • One kid is with dad…

…And Start Listing The REALLY GOOD Reasons Why Family Dinner is SO Important

I have 20 for you right here:

  1. A time for unwind and enjoy.
  2. A time for real feelings. Happiness, sadness, anger, frustration.
  3. A time to come face to face with the people we love the most.
  4. An established time to listen to your kids (and hear what is going on with them).
  5. An established time for your kids to listen TO YOU.
  6. Regular time at the table helps create stability (something kids of single mamas CRAVE).
  7. Learn about what you guys like together.
  8. Stop feeling like someone is missing and start feeling like everyone you need is right there…at your table.
  9. If your kids are complaining about the food, make them eat, BUT, let them know that they can help you cook before the next dinner together.
  10. The other parent may not (likely DOES NOT) do family dinners.
  11. Your children desire a togetherness that is hard for them to express. They have an innate need to be deeply rooted in their home life.
  12. An opportunity to work on manners.
  13. An opportunity to consistently discipline.
  14. A way to show your kids you’ve got time for them.
  15. A way to show your kids you actually really care about what they eat.
  16. Change the vibe. If you’re having a bad day, or your kids are acting out, a scheduled dinner that everyone is anticipating can change the vibe.
  17. Find out menu preferences, your kids will let you know what they LOVE and what they really really hate. I promise. For sure on the latter.
  18. If you’re a Christian single mama, family dinnertime is an opportunity to pray with your kids.
  19. Save money by cooking yourself. Make it easy by using an affordable meal delivery service.
  20. A way to teach your children how to build a home with their future children.


With this said, I have a couple of questions for you:

How important are family dinners to you and your kids?

Do you already practice this habit or are you willing to consider making it a new routine? 

I really hope so. Time together changes everything. If you are willing to commit to living your best life with your kids right now, TODAY, you will see incredible changes in yourself and in them.

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