Help! I’m single and pregnant…

Congratulations: you’re literally growing a tiny human inside of you! That, in and of itself, is a miracle and you should be proud of how incredible your body is. If you find yourself faced with an unplanned pregnancy, know that you’re not alone. There are ways to help you navigate pregnancy as a single mom, and we’re here to help you through your unplanned pregnancy.

This is your body and ultimately your decision

Not to get political, but if you decide to become a single mom then you’re a true badass. Do not allow others to tell you how to think or what to feel—or worst of all, try to convince you on what you should do about your situation. You have the right to bear a child and you also have the right to be a single mom. This is your decision, no one else’s! Tell them to zip it.

Be selfish—you deserve it!

Like we mentioned above, there will always be those naysayers who are going to want to tell you how to live your life and offer you unsolicited advice. And their timing will usually suck and you will be having a bad day and not in the mood to hear it. Such is life. But the beauty is, you can focus on you and your growing baby. Be selfish, don’t allow others to steal your joy. This is your moment, you’re creating a life, and if they have anything negative to say about it, don’t grant them permission to rain on your parade.

Remember, your energy is precious

If you’re growing a human inside of you, it doesn’t matter how blissful your pregnancy may be, it’s still work and it’s hard and there will be times when your emotions, stress, and aches and pains will wear you down. Your energy is precious, so don’t go wasting it on things that don’t really matter or benefit you. If you’re tired, and it allows, rest! You’re going to need to rest as much as possible to prepare your mind and body for those middle of the night feedings when you welcome a newborn into your life.

Allow your baby’s father to join in

If you and the father of your unborn child are on good terms, allow them to partake in the pregnancy, too. After all, it takes two people to make a baby, so if they are willing and kind to you about the situation, include them. You might even be surprised to see when they enjoy the invitation to be a part of their child’s life right from the start. Single motherhood might be a choice that you’re making, but that person who created the baby with you would likely love to be a part of their child’s life, too.

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