Dating with kids—ideas to keep the romance in your life in full bloom

If you’re a single mom who is ready to mingle, dating with kids can be rather tricky. It doesn’t matter if you’re divorced, separated, or a single mom by choice, dating with kids takes a lot of mental strength, planning, and juggling. We always want to be with our kids, but we are still women at heart and want to be desired and loved. If you’re a single mother who is dating with kids, then you understand this balancing act all too well.

Here we will share with you some proven tips to make dating with kids just a teensy bit easier on all parties involved to help you keep things fresh!

If you have help, time away, etc., use it to date!

The easiest way to have a healthy dating life is not to make your kids feel like a burden. If you have the opportunity to have time away from your littles, like when they’re at their other parent’s home or a grandparent’s house, utilize this time to date if the person you’re seeing has a schedule that can fit with this.

Kids are young and very impressionable, so by making a conscious effort to date around their schedule can make things a lot easier. This is a great way to utilize your weekends off away from your kiddos so that you and your honey can court properly. Use these times for quick day trips or romantic weekend getaways to keep your relationship fun and fresh.

Invest in some sexy undergarments

By investing in some sexy undergarments, not only will it help you to feel sexier, but it will likely drive them wild when they realize what you’ve got on underneath your clothing. Lingerie is kryptonite for many men, and you don’t have to reserve it for Valentine’s Day or anniversaries either. Surprise the person you’re dating at complete random by donning some sexy lingerie, and we guarantee they will be equally surprised and turned on.

Embrace intimacy by exploring their mind

Remember, being intimate with a person isn’t always a physical ordeal. Oftentimes it’s about bonding, sharing desires and secrets together, and opening up to one each other. If the person you’re seeing is pretty tight-lipped, this might prove more difficult. But, if they’re open to it, spend time talking to them about things they like, things they’d want to try, their desires, what turns them on, etc. This is an interesting way to get to discover more about the person that you’re seeing, and you might just be surprised to learn these intriguing little things about them.

Keep things spontaneous

This dating with kids tip might be easier said than done, but by keeping things spontaneous, this will not only excite your new partner, but it keeps things interesting. Every person wants to feel wanted, and it’s hard not to be appreciative of spontaneity because it makes a person gush when you make an effort to switch things up. A good way to do this is to surprise them a lunch date rendezvous if possible—because often the kids are off at school and no one will know!

If you can’t see each other, try sending sexy messages

When you’re dating with kids, it’s sometimes hard to get together with your special person whenever you want. That’s where you can get a little naughty after the kids go to bed when the two of you can’t physically be together. You can send the person you’re dating a super sexy photo of yourself and tell them how much you desire them and appreciate them. That way, when the two of you are together again, you’ll be ready to pounce on one another. (Just don’t be surprised if these messaged get X-rated fast—lol!)

Make an effort to like things they like

If the person you are seeing is super into something, let’s say sports, make an effort to show them that you’re into it, too. You don’t have to become a super fan or get obsessive, but it will show them that you care when you invest your time and energy into something that they like. Additionally, you can let your partner know about things you like to do, like cooking for an example, and the two of you can start taking part in shared hobbies together.

Find little ways to let them know you’re thinking of them

Thoughtfulness is a quality that never goes out of style. And I dare you to find me one person on the planet who doesn’t like to know when someone special is thinking of them. You don’t have to go overboard, because a little really does go a long way. You can send them a cute message out of the blue, write them a sweet love letter email, or even cook them their favorite meal at random to show them that you’re thinking of them.

Remember, to have fun and keep things fresh!

Dating is supposed to be fun—and that goes for single moms dating with kids, too. Dating is such a romantic experience and you deserve to be spoiled, pampered, and made to feel like you’re the most beautiful woman in the world. The easiest way to keep things fresh is to have fun and not get in a rut. Of course there will be times when not everything is super exciting, but make an effort to keep things fresh when you can. Because effort means a lot in the eyes of the person who wants nothing more than to be with you.

What are some tips you have to share that have worked for you to spice things up as a single mom dating with kids? We’d love to hear them, leave us a comment and share!


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