Online Business Idea for Moms: Blogging

Looking for an easy way to work from home with your children? One popular online business idea for moms is blogging. Blogs can provide stable passive income and help you achieve financial goals that allow you to work from home and avoid burnout. 

Blogging doesn’t come without challenges, but once you get it up and running you’ll be grateful for the time you spent getting things started. So if you’re a mom with a dream to earn money from home while you raise your kids, blogging could be the business idea you’ve been waiting for. 

Why it’s Challenging to Monetize a Blog

While blogging has the potential to net tens of thousands of extra dollars, there’s one problem – time. Cultivating a blog that makes real money takes months or years, but it can offer a massive payoff if done right. If you’re willing to take the time, blogging can be a practical online business idea for women who want to earn passive income. 

But there’s one challenge — time. 


It takes time to build up a following.

Unless you already have a large audience, it can take months or even years to start making money from your blog. First, you need to attract enough readers to your blog so that advertisers will want to work with you, and you need to generate enough traffic so that you can start selling products or services.


It takes time to create quality content.

Creating high-quality blog posts doesn’t happen overnight. Blog posts take a lot of time upfront. Surveys of content writers suggest the average blog post takes between 4 and 8 hours, so you’ll need to set aside a lot of extra time or prepare to hire a writer. Still, blogging is a great online business idea for moms because once you get into a flow and gain some traction, it requires minimal maintenance. 

So after you start gaining traction and increasing your following, how do you make money blogging?


How to Make Money Blogging 

Once you’ve gained a solid following, it’s time for all of your hard work to pay for itself. Do a bit of research on your audience and their pain points, and you’ll be able to monetize your blog in no time. 

Here are the best ways to turn your blog into cash. 


  • Sell physical products related to your niche. 

What problems, wants, and needs do your readers come to your blog to learn about? Brainstorm a list of products or services that could benefit your audience, and create one that you know they’ll love. Physical product sales are one online business idea for moms that can launch into a lucrative small business. 


  • Sell digital education products. 

You can also sell digital products such as e-books or courses related to your niche in that same vein. While it may take some time to create, the beauty of e-books and courses is that they keep selling long after you’re done. 


  • Create a membership. 

Another epic online business idea for moms who blog is to consider creating a membership. The great thing about making a membership community is that it guarantees income month after month. Bloggers can offer premium gated content that’s exclusively accessible through membership. Memberships are a great way to build a community around an online business and cultivate better relationships with readers. 


  • Sell ad space.

You can do this by partnering with ad networks or companies relevant to your niche. For example, if you have a blog about pet care, you could sell advertising space to pet food brands. You can sign up for ad networks like Google AdSense or to place ads on your website or support other online businesses by advertising for them on your blog. 


  • Try affiliate marketing. 

This classic online business move for moms who want to monetize their blog has vast earning potential. Affiliate marketing is where you promote other people’s products or services on your blog and earn a commission when someone makes a purchase. For example, if you have a blog about travel, you could promote travel products like suitcases or travel insurance. You can find products to promote as an affiliate and earn a commission for every sale you generate.


  • Offer consulting and coaching services.

Perhaps the most lucrative online business idea for moms is to sell your knowledge through your blog. If you are an expert in your field, people will be willing to pay for your advice. In addition, you can use your blog to demonstrate your depth of expertise and attract attention to your consulting services. 

While monetizing a blog might seem daunting, it’s all about the long-term payoff. Investing the time and effort on the front end will feel worthwhile once you start seeing the passive income roll in. 

Blogging can be a great way to make money from home, and it’s perfect for stay-at-home moms. Get ready to set your own hours and work around your family’s schedule. But there’s one more benefit that comes with starting a blog — blogging can be a great way to connect with other moms and build a community while you share your passions and expertise with the world.


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Do you have any tips of your own to share on how to make money from blogging? Our single mama community would love to read them. Leave us a comment and share!



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