The 3 Best Dating Sites for Single Moms

If you’re a single mom, the thought of dating might sound appealing but also terrifying. Just know that dating with kids doesn’t have to be scary, but the thought of meeting people in real life may be hard to do with a busy work schedule and kids. That’s why many single moms turn to dating apps in hopes of finding love. Thankfully, dating apps have come a long way since and the superficial “swipe right” of Tinder-cringe. Here we’ll lay out for you the best dating sites for single moms so you can dip your toes in the dating pools in a way that’s much less stressful.

We’ve done our homework, and here are our top three choices when it comes to the best dating apps for single moms…

If this name doesn’t already speak for itself, this is a go-to dating site for many single parents looking to mingle in the dating pool again. And what’s even better is that you won’t have to worry about your potential match liking kids or having kids of their own, because that’s already a given! This dating site for single moms and dads is free to register, and is often voted as the top choice when it comes to dating apps for single parents.

While this site isn’t specifically geared towards single parents, there are many who use it that our serious about finding love. And the hundreds of success stories boasted online are proof of it. eHarmony is an ideal choice for a single mom who is hoping to find a serious mate and not just a fling that will make her feel used. So, if you’re in search of emotionally available men/women who are ready to be in a relationship, this is a great dating site for single moms to choose from. Many love this site for its questionnaire it uses which applies an algorithm to your answers to match you with the best possible mates.

This cool dating app prides itself on creating real connections with people based on genuine shared interests. Their in-depth profiles really showcase the individuals on there, and it’s the complete opposite of the shallow swipe right style so many of us women detest. Their mission is to “give everyone a chance at love”—and their quality dating app is proof of it!

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