Creative Dates on a Budget That are Perfect for Single Moms

Summer lovin’ is certainly not overrated BUT it can be expensive!

With soaring gas prices and trips to the grocery store that are demanding more of your paycheck, date nights out are quickly becoming a luxury that many simply cannot afford.

Creative Dates For Old-Fashioned & Modern Women Alike

If you’re a single mom that is just dipping her toes back into the dating pool, we have some fresh ideas to save you and your date cash.

Now, I’m pretty old fashioned, I like it when the guy takes the lead in planning and paying for dates because I feel it shows that he has the instinct to care for me. That said, these ideas are still great for traditional ladies that want to help reduce some of her man’s stress AND show him that quality time is all that matters.

Introduce Adventure into Your Approach to Dating

The best way to get to know someone is to respond to real life with them in real time. When you take steps to making dating an adventure and ‘step outside the box’ you and your date will learn more about each other than you ever imagined. Suddenly, likes and dislikes, interests and hobbies, and even personality differences come into full view. You will learn the answer to questions like…

Is your date willing to try new things?

Can your date go with the flow?

Does your date need money to have a good time?

The answers to these questions matter and give you so much insight into whether or not this man is designed to be your date FOR LIFE.

For single moms reading this article that are already in a serious/long-term relationship and working to keep the romance alive, creativity is especially important.

Want more adventure in your love life? Keep reading to discover our recommendations when it comes to creative dates on a budget…

Plan a Tailgate Party for Two (anywhere!)

Take your hand crafted cocktails to go and fill a cooler with yummy delights. Pull on some comfy cut offs and a t and you are ready for a fun, low key night of enjoying the outdoors and eachother’s company. Set up at the beach, the park or even in your driveway. You set the stage for the romance, laughter and an all around good time as a couple or with other friends.

Tailgate night can also be family friendly, include the kids, pack the family’s favorite dinner to go and don’t forget to turn up the tunes!

Plan a Game Night with Wine & Apps

This is one of my all-time faves. My boyfriend and I get our favorite drinks and snacks and we play games until long past our bed-time. I’m usually in pajamas but sometimes I dress up for game nights just to help create the mood. We love to play Hand & Foot when there are other couples joining us. I love game nights because they remind me that my boyfriend and I aren’t just lovers, we are also friends. Laughing together and enjoying each other’s sense of humor is really special, sometimes it’s in these moments that I feel the deepest strength of our relationship.

Game night in is an adventure in learning to have fun together, its VERY affordable.

Plan a Lunch Picnic in the Park

There’s something about dining al fresco that does wonders for turning up the romance vibes. Find a shady spot and pack up some tasty fingers foods and drinks for the two of you to enjoy together. To make things even more romantic, try to find a nice spot outside in front of water—like a lake, river, ocean, or even a beautiful fountain. Day dates can also be a more convenient way to spend time with your significant other because the kids are off at school nine months out of the year during the daytime hours. Take advantage of that and avoid having to hire a sitter to get romantic with your new person!

Take a Pottery Class Together

You don’t have to possess an artistic bone in your entire body to enjoy spending time creating art with your honey. Just like the classic movie scene in Ghost, there’s something just naturally sexy about pottery! If pottery sounds too messy for you, consider just taking a fun class together of any kind—like dancing, cooking, painting, or even blowing glass. If y’all are both into fitness, consider a workout class the two of you can enjoy doing together. The point is, you’re making memories together while trying something creative, new, and interesting! Even if you make a complete fool of yourself while doing so—chances are, he/she will too, so need not worry.

Play Putt Putt Golf Together

Putt Putt golf isn’t just for kids anymore. Even if you’ve never picked up a golf club in your entire life, there’s no reason why you can’t play miniature golf. It’s a cute way to get competitive with your partner, and you’ll likely find a lot of enjoyment in it while doing so. The best part about putt putt golf is how super affordable it is, so the two of you can even get a few rounds in. And the winner will have bragging rights for weeks to come!

Plan a special date night in

This one might be easier to do if your littles are off at their other parent’s house, unless you feel comfortable bringing your new squeeze around your little ones. Either way, a date night in is a great idea to plan when it’s wintertime because getting out in the yucky weather isn’t ideal. If the kids are away, spice things up by planning a special dessert—and don’t forget to wear that sexy lingerie underneath your clothing!

If you need to keep your date night in PG, plan a couple’s bucket list together or binge a show together that the two of you can both get into. Or, just make it a movie night—choosing from classic flicks that you’ll be sure to enjoy and remember fondly. Reminiscing about better times and your youth is always a good way to connect and feel happy.

Explore a new area of town you’ve both been wanting to see

If you’re in a major city, there’s bound to be parts of town that you’ve been wanting to explore. Find a cute coffee shop and meet there, and then the two of you can go explore the sights and sounds on foot with your favorite café beverage in hand.

Do you have any awesome creative date on a budget ideas of your own that you’d like to share? We’d love to hear them—leave us a comment and tell us your go-to inexpensive date ideas.

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